Group Lessons

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Our group lessons are a fun and sociable way to improve your riding. They run from Monday to Friday for 2hrs each morning with sessions starting at 9.15 or 11.30. Sessions are available in Meribel and La Tania.

During each session time is spent on improving your technique with specific exercises, following this you’ll have the chance to put your new knowledge into practice while you discover the mountain, always under the helpful supervision of your instructor.

Monday to Friday 2 hours per day (10 hrs) – €210
Minimum 2 persons / Maximum 8 persons

We also have group lessons for more advanced snowboarders, click here to go to the Expert Riders page and find out more.


On our group lessons, each day we cover different aspects of snowboarding technique, allowing you to develop well rounded riding skills. Click on the below to see samples of a group lesson programme.

Group being taught snowboarding by Cab9 Snowboarding

Sample beginner group week

Beginner Group Week


We introduce you to the equipment and how it works. Following this you’ll learn how to stand on your board and balance while it’s in motion. On the beginner’s slope you’ll learn how to control speed and start to steer your board. Towards the end of the session you’ll discover how to put everything together to link your first turns.


We continue on the beginner’s slope, improving the flow of your turns and learning how to tighten them. With considerable individual feedback and plenty of practice, each rider should feel things really coming together. If things are going well you’ll even get to learn your first easy freestyle trick!


Under the watchful eye of your instructor, we leave the beginner’s slope to make a trip around the mountain. On a carefully selected route, you’ll get to put everything you’ve learnt so far into practice on the open slopes. Today is about gaining mileage, understanding different types of snow and terrain and boosting your confidence.


Today’s the day to push the limits! Depending on conditions we may tackle some steeper runs, try some easy off-piste or even learn how to make small jumps. But no matter what, you’ll leave the slopes feeling like you’ve achieved something special!


The last day of the course is fun and relaxed. Your instructor will give you individual feedback on your progress so far and you’ll get the opportunity as a group to choose what you want to do and where you want to go: get back in the powder snow, bust a few more tricks for the camera, or have a sociable drink on the slopes.

Coaching Beginners

Sample intermediate group week

Intermediate Group Week


We start by looking at how you stand while riding your board. By correcting your posture with specific exercises you’ll develop freedom of movement to make the appropriate actions to work your board. From here you’ll learn to make effective steering movements helping you to become more dynamic when it comes to driving your board through each turn.


On the second day we work on carving on an easy slope. This is all about improving you edge control to leave nice clean lines in the snow from start to finish of your turns. It feels great!We’ll also practice switch riding, a skill which will help your all-round technique and makes you a more versatile rider.


Today we look at steeper slopes and variable terrain. By using effective steering techniques backed up by sound posture you’ll be able to ride on steeper runs in control of your speed and line. Depending on conditions we’ll venture off-piste and learn to cope with a variety of snow conditions and types of terrain.


This session is about freestyle. No matter whether it’s your first time or you have experience in freestyle riding, we’ll teach you some basic technique or new tricks so that you can impress your mates! Under the supervision of your instructor and in a safe environment, you’ll see that you don’t have to be a seasoned rider to pull off flatland tricks, bust some airs or even ride the pipe.


The last day of the course is about putting everything you’ve learnt into practice. You’ll learn to view the mountain in a different way and to ride expressively using a flowing technique. You’ll be able to take your new knowledge with you to improve everyday.

Group week sowboard tuitiuon with Cab9 Snowboarding
Group week on piste with Cab9 Snowboarding

Shred Crew

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New for this winter we’re launching the “Shred Crew” aimed at young intermediate and advanced riders looking to push their snowboarding to the next level. These 4 hour group lessons will run over the New Year (31st December – 4th January) and February Half Term week (18th – 22nd February).

Time will be spent in the park, learning tricks on boxes, rails and jumps and then we’ll put your freestyle skills into practice on the open slopes whilst fine tuning your general technique.

It’s not just about the riding though, these weeks are also about hanging out with other snowboarders of similar ability, making friends and having a laugh with your instructor!

Monday to Friday 4 hours per day – €420

Maximum 6 riders per group

Limited spaces

Up to 18 years of age

Customers enjoying a shred crew lesson with Cab9 Snowboarding

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