CAB9 Snowboarding Instructor - Marco Facciano Profile Picture

Marco Facciano

Marco hails from Italy and is our newest member to join the team. A highly experienced instructor, he heads up after our Val Thorens operations so if you’re in VT keep an eye out for him and he’ll be pleased to have a chat.

Where are you from?

Turin in Italy.

How long have you been riding?

15 years.

Describe your style?

I like to go fast, be smooth and ride with style. I prefer an easy trick done with style over a difficult trick badly executed.

What would be your perfect day on the slopes?

Any day on a snowboard. As long as you’re not ill it’s always a perfect day!

What do you love about your job?

Being outdoors, on the snow with my board almost every day of the winter. Sharing my passion, my experience and having fun with people on their holidays…what more could I want!

Regular or goofy?



Roughly 52cm. Front foot +12º, back foot -9º


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