CAB9 Snowboarding Instructor - Jay Gallagher profile picture

Jay Gallagher

As an experienced snowboarder instructor and a highly qualified watersports instructor, Jay is in his element when he’s teaching. This is evident in the consistently positive feedback and many repeat bookings we receive from his clients.

Where are you from?

North Wales.

How long have you been riding for?

12 years. This winter will be my 7th season working in the Alps.

How would you describe your riding style?

Calm and controlled. I’m always looking for new ways to cruise down the hill, hitting features that other people might miss.

What binding angles do you use?

+15 / -15

How would you describe your riding style?

Relaxed and loose.

Your favourite trick?

Nollie B/S 180

Describe a perfect day on the slopes?

Early morning split-boarding on a bluebird with friends and my dog. Lunch at the peak then some waist deep powder all the way home.

Apart from snowboarding, what other interests do you have?

Wakeboarding, I spend my summers coaching and have been wake boarding since I was a kid. I also love to ride trail bikes, I like how controlled and complex the sport is.

What do you enjoy about your job?

Everything. I like meeting new people, watching them progress and seeing how happy they are when they overcome their own challenges on the hill. I enjoy using different teaching styles to help people learn and make the most out of their trip. The fact I get to snowboard all day is just a HUGE bonus.


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