Why take a Cab9 lesson

Cab9 instructors have the experience and knowledge to make sure that the exercises and choice of terrain are ideal for your current stage of learning.

We understand that you don’t want to get hurt and consider it important that your first time on a snowboard is an enjoyable experience because we want you to love it as much as we do! You really are in good hands.

CAB9 Snowboarding - Why choose us

I’d like to learn but I don’t want to get hurt!

Although sliding on a snow covered slope balancing on a plank of wood is always going to involve an element of danger (that’s why it’s fun of course!), these days it really doesn’t have to be a painful experience.

Our beginner sessions follow a framework of exercises carefully put together to make the learning process as easy as possible, gradually building up to linking your turns on a gentle slope.

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Yeah, but I can already ride…

This is a frequently heard comment when it comes to the subject of already competent riders taking lessons. 
One of the advantages of snowboarding is that it’s easy to take some basic lessons and then quickly progress to a level where it’s possible to access the whole mountain. Due to this, the majority of intermediate and also many expert snowboarders, ride while suffering from bad technique, effectively blocking them from progressing and getting the most out of their board.

Happy snowboarding kids group with Cab9 Snowboarding

Snowboarding is about a series of movement patterns.

Understanding how to apply those patterns and allowing them to flow freely is the key to becoming a skilful rider in any situation.

If you’re a competent rider, taking a session with one of our coaches is an investment in your snowboarding which really will open the doors to a new way of viewing the mountain and working your board.

Whether you wish to venture into a whole new area of snowboarding, such as learning to ride the pipe, or just improving your current technique, we will help you with some simple but effective insights which will aid your development at the same time as giving your riding a new lease of life.

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Another frequently heard comment after one of our sessions is:

…I wish I’d done this before!



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